We are at a time of rapid change and opportunity for the transportation sector. As far as technology goes, we are an industry on the move quite literally and like many other sectors, the pace is only accelerating.

Just 15 years ago we were introducing Melburnians to etags and Australia’s first fully electronic toll road, CityLink. And just two years ago Sydney’s tolling system became fully cashless when the toll booths came down on the M5. Now the automotive industry is confident that we are just five to 10 years away from driverless vehicles being on the market with mass adoption likely around 2040.

Right now, we are facing the biggest revolution in the transport sector since the time when the Model T Ford began rolling off the assembly line.

"It is a challenging and incredible time to be working in the transportation sector when technology disruption is offering so many opportunities and solutions for the management of transportation in our communities."

Lisa Tobin, Group General Manager, Technology


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