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CEO Scott Charlton discussed the impact new technologies, including autonomous vehicles, ride sharing apps and integrated transport platforms, will have on urban mobility at the Australian Financial Review Infrastructure Summit held in Sydney in June.


Mr Charlton discussed the safety and efficient benefits autonomous vehicles offer, including a predicted 90 per cent reduction in road traffic accidents once human error is removed from driving, and an estimated 10 to 25 per cent increase in lane use capacity over the next 20 years due to vehicle platooning.

Emphasising the reality that the technology is already here, Mr Charlton said many drivers were already testing technology such as 'auto-pilot' in Tesla vehicles, whether the road legislation allows it or not and urged caution.

Through a customised video, he also provided the audience with a glimpse into how an autonomous vehicle views the roadway, tunnels, equipment and other vehicles travelling on CityLink in Melbourne; highlighting that the introduction of autonomous vehicles should take place on roads that provide safe and conditions like motorways, which have fewer distracting elements (for example traffic lights and roundabouts) than suburban roads.