Sustainability reporting, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and building effective partnerships to help in these areas, are a focus for many Australian businesses according to the recently released State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand report.

The SDGs – launched in 2015 by the UN – are significantly influencing businesses, with more than half the respondents to the State of CSR report indicating that their organisations are mapping them against business and CSR strategies.

One of the SDGs closely aligned to Landcare Australia’s vision, Climate Action, features as the fourth most popular SDG to be addressed, after Gender Equality, Good Health and Wellbeing, and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Conversely, it also appears as the most challenging SDG to address, with the poor identification of appropriate partnerships one of the main barriers preventing businesses from addressing this and other SDGs.

Landcare Australia partner, Transurban, was included in the report as one of the top 10 CSR organisations in Australia. This accolade is as a result of its stakeholder engagement and dialogue, integrating stakeholder values and social accountability. It demonstrates the organisation’s real commitment to CSR and the fact that through its strategy, initiatives and reporting, it can be held accountable for its performance.

The value of Transurban’s sustainability strategy is recognised at all levels of the business. The organisation has developed effective partnerships to support the initiatives within it, resulting in a lasting and positive impact on the environment and communities. The company also prepares valuable and informative sustainability reports, keeping stakeholders informed about its sustainability initiatives and the impact they have.

Looking to the future, building stronger relationships with stakeholders is a high priority for 83% of Australian businesses and strengthening social license to operate rates highly for 61%.  These priorities are achievable for businesses through a well-developed strategy that aligns with business objectives, includes specific and realistic goals, and offers transparency to stakeholders and the community.

It is clear that partnerships play a vital role in the areas of CSR and sustainability, and by working with the right partners that align with your business values and objectives in this area, meeting those objectives will be easier to do.

To find out more about the Annual State of CSR Report, click here.

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