At Transurban we are constantly looking for innovative road transport solutions.

In addition to the efficient operations of our networks and the successful delivery of our project pipeline, we also seek to constantly improve Transurban’s existing assets through infrastructure upgrades, operational improvements, new technology and roadside regeneration.

In 2012 we opened the 495 express lanes in Washington DC, which was actually named the “Best innovative product” by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. The project is one of the most technologically advanced roadways in the United States.

Featuring a world first dynamic tolling system, the on-road technology can be used to to adjust toll prices based on real-time traffic volumes to manage demand and keep the lanes free-flowing at all times. Incident response cameras coupled with all electronic tolling and a high tech operations centre helped to provide real time savings to at least 82 percent of regular visitors in the first year of operation.

Another example of our commitment to fostering innovation is our Innovation Grant program. The program aims to encourage research and innovation among university, research and technology organisations. Grants of up to $100,000 are available for research on innovative projects that help address challenges in transport and infrastructure.

As part of our commitment to ‘Think Long Term’, the intent of the program is to support ideas requiring further research and investigation to determine their applications and feasibility to real world challenges. To find out more about the grants please visit this page.

"We look for innovative transport solutions that will create efficient and safe transport networks and thriving cities."

Michele Huey, Group General Manager, Strategy


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